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Updated binary: Tuesday 16th May 2000
Updated page : Thursday 29th November 2002
Released version: still 1.003
Beta version: 1.004beta7

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What's what

FreeShade's basic reason for existence is to provide window shading for Windows. It also does a bit more than this, but before getting to that, what is window shading?

Window shading is when you double-click on a window's caption and the window rolls itself up so that only its caption (or title bar) is visible. You can see window shading on Apple Macs, various window managers for X-Windows (on Unix, GNU/Linux etc) and presumeably other OSes/GUIs as well. So if things start off looking like this:

After double-clicking the caption bar you'll have:

So what? It reduces screen clutter, either for a brief peek behind the current window, or you can leave several shaded windows lounging around the screen. If you've regularly got lots of windows open and need to refer to several of them in close order, window shading can come in handy.

@) FancyMax-ing. Maximize windows vertically or _horizontally_, rather than just grabbing the whole screen. FancyMax also provides a non-rigid maximize, which means a window will grab most nearly all of the screen, but unlike a regular maximize, you can still move the window around.

Vertical FancyMax:

Horizontal FancyMax:

@) Have the window hug one of the screen's sides or corners, either jumping or stretching to the new location.

Stretchy hug to top left corner:

@) Keep the window on top of other windows, either just when the window is shaded or all the time.

@) Display info about the process which the window belongs to.

@) Forcibly stop the process which the window belongs to.

Downloading FreeShade

FreeShade is free. So you can d/l it below, for free...

However, if you like FreeShade enough to want to help fund its development, you can via the the PayPal link below. Or you could hit
my Amazon wish list. Thanks.
(As you can, development has slowed. New kid, low response to PayPal, blah blah.)

If you like FreeShade, but can't or don't want to pay me, you can aid its further development by giving my ego a stroke.
(If you don't like FreeShade, or have some improvement in mind, let me know that as well.)

Email me at

The beta version of 1.004 is even better than 1.003, so download it from here