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What's what

boot's purpose is to allow more flexibilty in quitting Windows.

boot allows you to reboot or shutdown your machine or just logoff more easily.

If your PC is running an NT derived OS (e.g. NT 4 or Windowns 2000), boot makes changing between different OS installations much less of a phaff.

Having to swap between various NT installations in the course of my day job prompted me to write boot as a less fiddly way of doing so.

So how does boot make things easier? Well if you're a command line junkie you can just type:

and boot will reboot your pc. If you're running an NT derived OS, boot will popup a window before rebooting to allow you to choose which OS to use:

If you want to shut down your pc instead, type :

	boot --halt

Of course you can just click on the icons if you're not using a command line (or DOS prompt).

To find out about the possible options type :

	boot --help

How much does it cost?

boot won't cost you any money if you're using it in a non-commercial and non-governmental environment.

By "governmental" I mean organisations such as, but not limited to, the civil service and the military.

If you're using it in a commercial or governmental environment, boot costs 30 (that's thirty UK pounds sterling).

Please ask your manager or admin staff to pay if you don't have a software budget yourself. For the most part they are quite happy to do so to avoid legal liabilities for using stolen software.

See also: Licence.txt for details.

Email me: for payment details.

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