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There've been comments that the site could be better organised.
Well, yes.
It may even get a reorg after we've moved.
But don't hold your breath.

Latest update:

15 July 2002
40 digital camera picsPics taken on our new 40 digital camera. (Not bad, considering...)

25 November 2001
Dodgy webcam Megan picsPics of Megan (dodgy webcam again)(The slightly better than truly appalling pix from a webcam in low light levels.)

11 November 2001
Catie and Megan picsPics of Catie and Megan and others(The truly appalling pix are from a webcam in low light levels.)

11 November 2000
Catie pixCatie pixShock horror! NO html. (Alright already i'll do it... eventually... . Hey, at least the names are descriptive.)

5 October 2000
Doughnut, kids and new houseA mix't bagDoughnut (from work, but at home), kids and new house.

15 September 2000
Pix of Catie and various bodsPix of Catie and various bods.WARNING!!! Includes some of Ali's ordination and one a frog in our loo!

2 September 2000
Pix of Jordan and Paula's wedding and also of the house we hope to buyJordan and Paula's wedding and J and J's new house(Most things seem sorted out w.r.t buying the house...).

24 July 2000
Catie pixCatie pix.
Recent and archives.
Other pixOther (non-Catie) pix.
other siteOlder site
Mainly other older pix.

12 May 2000
Okay, so update is too strong. Fixed the broken link so it works now?Other other site .   The really early Catie pix
(from just before birth to one month).

WARNING: large high definition images == slow loading (but good)

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